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We are a team of stylists and manufacturers passionately dedicated to the art of creating business suits for women. Our mission is to give every woman not only style and elegance, but also self-confidence in the world of business fashion.

We passionately believe that your appearance is your calling card and we pride ourselves on helping women look and feel their best. Our experience and professionalism are your key to unrivaled style and self-confidence. Welcome to the world of Business Chic Company, where every suit is a work of art, created especially for you.

Our Principles

Exquisite Design: We take inspiration from the latest fashion trends and create suits that combine style, elegance and functionality.

Personalized Fit: Every woman is unique and we offer customized solutions to ensure your suit reflects your personality and fits you like a second skin.

High Quality: We use only the best materials and professional workmanship to ensure that each suit becomes a true work of art.

Confidence, Style: Our goal is to make every woman feel confident and stylish while wearing our suits, be it in the office, at a meeting or at an event.

Women's jackets, trousers

They are an integral part of a business wardrobe. They create the image of a professional and confident woman, suitable for the office, business meetings, conferences and other formal events.

Blazers: We offer a variety of styles and styles of jackets to suit the needs of every client. These can be classic jackets with one or two rows of buttons, asymmetrical models, jackets without a collar and much more. The jackets are made from quality materials, providing comfort and elegance.

Pants: Our pants come in a variety of lengths and styles. You can choose classic tailored trousers for formal occasions, skinny trousers for a modern look, or wide-leg trousers for comfort and style. We also take into account different body types to provide the perfect fit.

Color palette, materials: We have a wide selection of colors and fabrics, including classic black, gray and blue shades, as well as brighter and more modern colors. Our high quality materials ensure durability and ease of care.

Bespoke Tailoring: We also provide a bespoke tailoring service, allowing our clients to create unique suits that fit perfectly in size and design.


Our skirts and blouses for women are elegant and stylish wardrobe staples that are suitable for both the office and other casual or formal occasions.

Skirts for women:

Classic Skirts: We offer a variety of classic skirts in different lengths, from mini to maxi, to suit different styles and preferences. Classic skirts emphasize femininity and elegance.

A-line: A-line skirts create a dramatic silhouette that accentuates the waist and flatters the figure. This style is great for business looks.

Pencil Skirts: Pencil skirts create a slim and formal look. They are suitable for both the office and business events.

Maxi Skirts: Maxi skirts add a sophisticated touch and are suitable for special occasions. They can be decorated with various patterns and decorative elements.

Blouses for women:

Classic: We offer classic blouses with a variety of collars and sleeves that are suitable for both business and casual looks.

Decorated Blouses: Our blouses can have various decorative elements such as bows, tucks, buttons and patterns to add a special charm to the look.

Chiffon: Chiffon blouses are lightweight and soft, making them a great choice for summer days.

Pastel, Bright Colors: We offer a wide range of colors, from pastels to rich colors to suit different preferences.

Various Fabrics: Our blouses come in a variety of fabrics including cotton, silk, satin and more, allowing you to choose according to the season and event.

Whether you're looking for a formal pairing for the office or a stylish casual outfit, our skirts and blouses offer high quality, a variety of styles and a choice of colors to help you create the perfect look.

New Collection of Jumpsuits for Women!


Our overalls for women are versatile clothing that combines comfort and style.

Our range includes jumpsuits in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing you to choose the one that suits your taste.

Many of our jumpsuits come with belts to help define the waist. You can also add accessories to complete the look.

Jumpsuits are a stylish and practical solution for different events and seasons. They provide comfort while making you look fashionable and elegant.

Short Sleeve

These overalls are perfect for warm days. They come in a variety of designs, including V-necks, button closures, and waist-cinching belts.

Long Sleeve

For cooler days, we offer long sleeve jumpsuits. They provide warmth and comfort and can also be customized with cuffs and trim

Kimono Jumpsuits

This style of jumpsuit is characterized by wide, kimono-style sleeves and typically has a loose silhouette. It creates a light and airy look.





Pencil skirt


Chiffon blouse

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Blouse with decor


Maxi Skirt


Classic blouse

We provide a custom fitting and tailoring service to ensure each suit fits perfectly. Your requirements are our priority!



Thank you very much for your work! My girlfriend's new suit was admired by my friends and colleagues. She is very pleased with my gift!


The suit I ordered here fits perfectly and looks elegant. I am completely satisfied with the result! Thank you very much, I recommend it!


This company provides unique suits with high quality tailoring. My work colleagues can't stop praising my new look.


Their custom fit service is top notch. They listened carefully to my wishes and made them come true. Very grateful, this is what I wanted!


Here I found the perfect outfit for a special event. He looked amazing and attracted many admiring glances. Gorgeous outfit, excellent quality!

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